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The latest news from is that the site is being reworked with a new concept of operations in mind.

This is a war for eyeballs with a view towards mainstreaming the bisexual in us all!

Our ability to harbour different mindsets at the same time; our inherent ability to understand things from different perspectives at the same time — these are the sparks of genius we share and will share more broadly, at the

To accomplish this mission, will require a blend of technology and vision, executed with crafty efficiency. Multi-media rich; wealthy with content; and thought-provoking. Come here to find what is missing elsewhere. Read the kinds of things you haven’t read before. Fire your imagination with the wonders of hidden realities. Learn about them here, in the Best of all, share what wonders you’ve found out about. Become an author here, to share your own perspectives and visions for what this all means, and how this world really works. [Blow our minds!]


(Stay tuned for a whole host of new material! Everything from suppressed news, to instructions for more powerful orgasms!)