As you may have noticed, the site is undergoing some ‘work’.

By now, I’ve installed all of the software I intend to install. Now it’s just about configuring and setting everything up.

Once that is done, I’ll turn my attention to making things prettier. After that, I’ll prepare some ‘user guides’ to help peeps navigate this entirely new system and all of the completely new opportunities this all presents to members of The Bisexuality.Club.

As things are: This is premium ‘blog space’ akin to what the newspapers are running online. There is also a forum solution running, and not one, but two completely different chat engines!

Working in a multi-media environment has never been easier!

Once the payments processing is set-up: Members of the Bisexuality.Club will be empowered to SEL THEIR DIGITAL GOODS through this website!

Such exciting stuff is coming! Come back soon to see how it’s filling-out, or jump the queue and register your own membership RIGHT NOW!


Peace-out, either way……. BBB

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