Testing How this Works

Hey, What happens when an ordinary account here makes a post and includes the ‘Contact Form 7’ that BiBedBud created?


Let’s find out!


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  1. Nah, nevermind……
    The original post was just me testing-out the ‘Contact Form’ feature I’ve installed in the back-end. I was testing the form, and not really trying to communicate anything with this post. But, since you ask……. There is no such “hidden DB”. Rather, this is blog space! Simple. I, you, anyone else registered, we can blog here. And when we do, others can comment on that blog post, and those comments and counter-comments and responses to these, are all threaded below one another, as you see in this thread. Unlike with a typical forum thread, where the “OP” (Original Poster) can make a post, and then everyone on the forum can also post in that same thread *without restriction* — the same isn’t true here.

    In the “blog space” on the ‘Bisexuality.Club’ Magazine website; when you make a blog post, you have the option of approving or deleting the comments others offer in response. This is not possible in a forum space, since all members of the forum have their say always. In the blogosphere, the blog’s OP gets to approve or trash the comments of others.

  2. Oh, I should have mentioned, that the ‘Contact Form 7′ thing at top, yes, I guess it’s safe to say that I get that information. It’ doesn’t get trapped directly in a database automatically. Rather, the software sends it to me as an email. Unless I delete that email, then it’ll likely stay in my email system. It’s not specifically getting deposited into a database, though that is something I could easily do if I were so inclined, but so far I haven’t found the inclination to undertake that.

    Please remember: I’m practically a hobbyist here. I’m not trying to do this site “professionally” as a way to make money. It’s just that I already have the “bandwidth” and doing all this serves as a kind of practice field for me. Once I get it all set up the way I’d like, perhaps I’ll take it commercial — but it’ll never be my “day job”. That’s for sure!

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