Eventually, once I’m done installing and configuring all the software that’s behind this website; I’ll write a handful of articles that will be available on this menu/page. They will explain the evolution of this website (how the old one was lost — deleted permanently and totally); as well as where it will be once I’m done installing and configuring everything.

This section will also provide a ‘Guided Tour’ of this new website, and all that it offers.

Please bare with me as I set everything up. Feel free to register and being adding content and your own configurations.

NOTICE: Now that I’ve got an SSL certificate running on this website, and all associated web traffic and email is encrypted: I feel it necessary to explain once again; that although the traffic is encrypted and safe from interlopers (excepting the G-types, which probably can penetrate encryption on the fly, as per Snowden); making this THE SAFEST POSSIBLE WEBSITE IT CAN BE………… The truth is that after the traffic is done flowing, it is saved in an unencrypted database. Of course, it is difficult to penetrate a host of other systems, to reach this database to examine it — activities which would presumably be logged and flagged if not blocked and stopped by my security software.

Yet, the possibility remains that a very sophisticated cyber attacker, equipped with a host of tools ‘Lost to the Wild’ by the US NSA; could penetrate all our security, ex filtrate whatever data they wanted, and leave without raising any alarms, and indeed also covering whatever footprints may have been left in logs and such.

The question then becomes, why would this possibly happen, and what are the chances of it happening.

The truth, again, is unknowable.

It could be that one of our members is important enough that someone tugging at his or her strings, might chose this one to tug on.

Or it could be that someone with a political or religious motivation takes it upon themselves to make a game of things — of other people’s lives.

Much of this kind of thing is unknowable; especially if you’re sane and lead a ‘normal’ lifestyle. The corollary to this is if you’re insane, you might not know it; and if your life is ‘not normal’ you might not admit it publicly. In both instances, it’s hard for me to advise you on what to do here; except to say if you’re insane, you should probably stick to bisexual dot com; and if you live an abnormal lifestyle, you should be savvy enough to use “clean” devices to connect over proxy servers if not tor.

The meaning of the term ‘Safer Sex’ should be expanded to include not just the prevention of diseases (and unwanted pregnancies), but also practical matters like meeting in a public place the first time, avoiding alcohol until after you’ve decided to go farther, as well as informing others where you’re going and with whom you’ll be — as well as when you should be back — these are all increasingly important considerations.

If your political career or inheritance is at stake, you ought to know it and act accordingly.




Management cannot undo what cannot be undone.