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I do consider myself basically a Nudist at heart, who enjoys most all forms of nudity, either alone or in the company of others and it can be pleasurable with either gender. I am extremely opened minded with most people, but you should know that I am what some people refer to as Bisexual or Bi-gender person. I do currently live in Central Missouri, although I have lived most of my life in the very conservative “Show Me” state, of Missouri although, I am not ashamed; of being Bisexual, but it is not something I share openly, since I am living in a small community. I have always been very curious about the Human Body and I believe that the human body is truly a wonderful thing to be enjoyed by all genders! I believe that most human bodies were meant to explore mutual pleasures regardless of their gender! History has proven that our bodies should be either enjoyed alone, or to share with a good friend of either gender, or maybe to share with a group of good Friends, that may also share the same common interest. You must understand that, I am a male by birth so sex is often on my mind and I can enjoy having sex with either gender or both or in a group. I have reached a point in my life that I am now truly interested in other male cocks. My preferred desired, is to explore most oral pleasures and to suck a clean, smooth shaved, hairless cock or at least a clean and neatly trim sex organ, to suck. Maybe, I am becoming, what some would consider a Cocksucker! As a teen, that was phrase, that was considered as fighting words. All my life I have had the fantasy of having, a few straight guys that we could all, take care of each other desires, on a regular basis. I just want to be involved in situation, where there is no drama or weirdness, someone could just hit me up for a meetup and it can be no big deal. Most guys do love receiving head, but most do not get anywhere, near the amount head that they like to get. To say that, most women, can be difficult, about giving head, is an accepted reality of life. What I love about guys is that, a Blowjob, can be just that a Blowjob, without any complications. To be able to suck a cock, it surely does require flowers, a dinner or some romantic entanglements, since it is just a Blowjob, often with just as much commitment and meaning attached to it, as a way to get off and bust a nut or two together and that is what I am looking for. Just a situation where a guy could casually hit me up, and have me, suck a warm load out of them, without it being anything special. I want to be able to suck his cock and help him, reach a mind blowing organism, so I can enjoy each and every drop of his warm man juices. I truly believe that predominately most Str8 bi guys would be okay with that too, but I just want a situation where there is ZERO risk of him wanting anything other than a Blowjob and certainly no romance, just someone who's looking for a bit of "man time", and if he would like to reciprocate, all the better for me! Maybe kind of like, stopping, by your favorite bar, for a drink and to help both of us to unwind a bit. What I do know for a fact is that: Most guys are dogs and will often do some pretty unorthodox things to get off. Even in the best of times, most guys have a hard time finding a woman, who loves to give head, as much as they love getting it. As you get older, especially in my age range, lots of women's, sex drives really start to fall off which makes an already bad situation worse. So, there does seem to be a need that is not getting filled in the lives of many and most men.
Life may be, just a bit shorter than you think, you really should try to enjoy all the memories and all those special moments of life when you can. *JUST DO IT NOW! WHILE YOU STILL CAN!*