sexual orientation labels


there might be some explanation why a guy who says he's str8 isn't. at least on profiles. most websites the categories are pretty limited. kinda like labels. take me for example. i've never had sex with a guy but i have thought about it alot. i fantasize about it, i hope for it, i j/o to it. so u can't really call me str8. but again i've never had it so i don't know if i am meant to like it in real life. i know i know, so many guys say once u have had a dick in ur mouth u will love it & crave it forever & wonder how u ever lived without it. but other people have suggested to me it's a fantasy not meant to be lived, if i live it the fantasy is completely over. loose all interest in guys. or i might meet the right women & be all about her, never think of guys again. or i might be with a women & the 1st sign of trouble in my relationship start thinking about guys again. i'm not trying to say what i might be in the future i'm talking about right now. if u say do u have any interest at all however small, in both sexes then yes i'm bisexual. i can admit that to myself & accept it. even be proud of it. but if u say do u choose to have sex with both sexes in practice the answer isn't clear. in my case gay (or trans but that's another story) is totally not what i am. str8 or bi tell part of who i am but neither is 100% accurate. but i gotta choose 1. maybe bicurious or even heteroflexible are the closest to describing me but u don't see those on every website. plus heteroflexible probably applies more if ur swinging. i understand the frustration if u answer an add from a couple for example, a guy literally writes in his add i am heterosexual & have no interest in doing anything sexual with guys, but then u start chatting online or in real life & it turns out he's at least open to it. but if all u got to go on is labels u gotta realize they give u a very broad picture & take them for what it's worth.